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NAT094 – (Indigo-Privatization)
TORONTO. x–23s. Shareholders of Canada’s largest book retailer seller have voted to approve a deal to take the the company private. Indigo Books & Music will now be owned by Trilogy Retail Holdings and Trilogy Investments — both of which are owned by Gerald Schwartz, the spouse of Indigo founder and C-E-O Heather Reisman (REES’-man). Canadian Press reporter Tara Deschamps explains what it will mean for Indigo to now be a private company.
(“..up until now.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: Some parts of its transformation plan include rebounding from a massive cyberattack and some leadership changes in the organization as well as no longer focusing on products that aren’t performing well, including some wellness items and American Girl dolls. Reisman has said she plans to bring back in-store coffee shops and add more spaces to sit and read.

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