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NAT084 – (Ont-Alcohol)
TORONTO. x–17s. Ontario is speeding up its expansion of alcohol sales in the province, and the move comes with up to 225-million dollars in public money. Premier Doug Ford announced late last year that sales of beer, wine, cider and ready-to-drink cocktails would be allowed in convenience stores and all grocery stores by 2026, but now he is speeding that up with a phased rollout starting this August. He says since he first announced the move he has received an overwhelmingly positive response.
(“..summer barbecue.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: As part of this new, earlier rollout of Ford’s plan to expand alcohol sales, an “early implementation agreement” signed with The Beer Store involves the province paying the company up to 225-million dollars to support the transition, including to help it keep stores open and workers employed.

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