Audio clip NAT081 (FOR PRODUCTION)

NAT081 – (Cda-Campus-Protests) (FOR PRODUCTION)
TORONTO. x–20s. The University of Toronto is taking legal action in an effort to clear an encampment of pro-Palestinian protesters from its downtown campus. A statement posted this morning from university president Meric Gertler said the school is seeking an injunction and asking the court for an expedited case conference. University officials issued a trespass notice on Friday ordering demonstrators to remove the encampment by 8 a-m today. The protesters, who set up tents on campus weeks ago, remained at the site this morning and were joined by faculty and labour groups for a rally outside the nearby Convocation Hall. Demonstrators held up flags and huddled under umbrellas as a drizzle turned to heavier rain during the rally. Here’s sound of protestors chanting led by encampment spokesperson Sara Rasikh.
(“..we will win!”) (cheering fades) (SOURCE:The Canadian press)

The Canadian Press broadcast team