Audio clip NAT079 (FOR PRODUCTION)

NAT079 – (OBIT-Morgan-Spurlock) (FOR PRODUCTION)
UNDATED. x–56s. Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, an Oscar-nominee who made food and American diets his life’s work, famously eating only at McDonald’s for a month to illustrate the dangers of a fast-food diet, has died. He was 53. Spurlock made a splash in 2004 with his groundbreaking “Super Size Me,” and returned in 2019 with “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!” — a sober look at an industry that processes nine-billion animals a year in America. Spurlock was a gonzo-like filmmaker who leaned into the bizarre and ridiculous. His stylistic touches included zippy graphics and amusing music. Here is sound of the documentary trailer for “Super Size Me.” (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

The Canadian Press broadcast team