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NAT075 – (ENT-MUSIC-Meredith-Moon-Lightfoot) (FOR PRODUCTION)
UNDATED. x–59s. Gordon Lightfoot’s youngest daughter Meredith Moon is helping to fulfil one of her late father’s wishes. A tribute concert is taking place tomorrow night at Toronto’s Massey Hall and the 30-year-old folk singer will be among the Canadian musicians on stage paying homage to her dad’s influence. The event — dubbed Celebrating Gordon Lightfoot — will also feature appearances by many other acts, including City and Colour, Tom Cochrane, and folk singers Sylvia Tyson and Murray McLauchlan. Moon says the event was put together at the request of Lightfoot who had asked for a musical celebration in his name. Lightfoot died just over a year ago at age 84. Here’s a clip of Lightfoot performing “Sundown.” (music fades) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

The Canadian Press broadcast team