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NAT074 – (Australia-US-Pilot)
SYDNEY x–10s. An Australian judge has ruled that former U-S Marine Corps pilot Daniel Duggan can be extradited to the United States on allegations he illegally trained Chinese aviators. That leaves the attorney-general as Duggan’s last hope of remaining in Australia. The Boston-born 55-year-old will remain in custody awaiting extradition, his lawyers say they will make submissions to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus on why the pilot should not be surrendered. Daniel Duggan’s wife Saffrine says the extradition court hearing was simply about ticking boxes.
(“ husband home.”) (SOURCE:The Associated Press)

TAG: The pilot has spent 19 months in maximum-security prison since he was arrested at his family home in New South Wales. Prosecutors allege Duggan conspired with others to provide training to Chinese military pilots in 2010 and 2012.

The Canadian Press broadcast team, The Associated Press