Audio clip NAT067 (FOR PRODUCTION)

NAT067 – (Russia-Ukraine-War) (FOR PRODUCTION)
MADRID. x–10s. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (voh-loh-DEHM’-ehr zuh-LANS’-kee) has arrived in Madrid where he is expected to sign a bilateral security agreement with Spain that will help his country fight its more than two-year war with Russia. Spain’s King Felipe the Sixth met Zelenskyy at the capital’s Barajas (bah-RAH’-hahs) airport. The Ukrainian leader is due to hold talks with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez about what local media reported is a planned 1.2-billion-dollar (US) agreement for Spain to supply Ukraine with more weapons. Zelenskyy had been due to visit Spain earlier this month but he postponed all his foreign trips after the Kremlin’s forces launched a cross-border offensive in the northeastern Kharkiv (HAR’-keev) region. Here’s sound of Sanchez welcoming Zelenskyy in Madrid. (sound fades) (SOURCE:The Associated Press)

The Canadian Press broadcast team, The Associated Press