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NAT048 – (Mba-Remains-Buffalo-Woman)
WINNIPEG. x–13s. Winnipeg police have released a few updates on their efforts to identify the victim of an admitted serial killer. But some details have been revealed in the ongoing murder trial of Jeremy Skibicki (skih-BITS’-kee). The court has heard Skibicki met the unidentified woman who has been given the name Buffalo Woman by a group of Indigenous grandmothers outside the Salvation Army in March 2022 before he brought her back to his apartment and killed her. Sandra DeLaronde, who’s a longtime advocate for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, says the Indigenous community has adopted Buffalo Woman until she can be identified.
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TAG: Skibicki admitted to killing four Indigenous women, including Buffalo Woman, but his lawyers say he should be found not criminally responsible because of a mental illness.

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