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NAT033 – (Pickton-Justice-Denied)
VANCOUVER. x–11s. Police in Quebec have said that B-C serial killer Robert Pickton, who was attacked Sunday in a maximum-security prison, was in a medically-induced coma, but doctors had planned to try to wake him soon. Jason Gratl, the lawyer representing family members of victims in nine civil lawsuits against Pickton and his brother, says regardless of Pickton’s condition, his focus remains on ensuring the preservation of about 14-thousand pieces of case evidence the R-C-M-P are seeking to destroy.
(“..the civil trial.”) (SOURCE:The Canadian Press)

TAG: In 2014, the investigation into Pickton resulted in a settlement of 50-thousand-dollars for the victims’ children who had sued all three levels of government and the R-C-M-P.

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