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NAT022 – (US-Turks-and-Caicos-Ammunition-Arrests)
UNDATED. x–08s. U-S lawmakers are telling Americans to think twice before summering in Turks and and Caicos. Bipartisan members of Congress traveled to the Caribbean Island chain this week to urge officials to release Americans held there for illegally carrying ammunition in their luggage. A Pennsylvania man arrived back home yesterday after being held since February. His situation attracted the attention of U-S Senator John Fetterman who welcomed his constituent home.
(“..of events.”) (SOURCE:ABC)

TAG: Bryan Hagerich was fined and given a suspended sentence. He is among five Americans to face similar ammunition-related criminal charges. The British territory adopted stricter gun laws in 2022 following a jump in gun violence and weapons trafficking.

The Canadian Press broadcast team, ABC