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Tuesday 04, August

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Your feisty ruler Mars squares lucky Jupiter today, Aries, and this is the kind of excitement you’ve been waiting for all summer long. It could feel like agitation, but it’s the kind that borders on an explosion of immense creativity. You’re just itching to make something from scratch and build it into something that changes the entire world.

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Monday 03, August

Today’s intensely powerful Full Moon illuminates your friendships and your social life. Typically this is a fun summer lunation, but the 2020 version is different, as all things are during this pivotal year. Think back through the goals and collaborations you began forming six months ago and make sure they’re living up to your expectations. If not, you may need to let go or at least course-correct.

Sunday 02, August

The Sun squares Uranus today, setting off some shockwaves in the atmosphere. Money is a major issue at the moment and a surprise could be in store, but it needn’t be a bad one. Be open to new sources of income that you never thought were on the table for you, Aries — your creative outlets can bear major fruit if you totally open your mind.

Saturday 01, August

August opens with some serious intensity as Mercury and Pluto stand at odds this Saturday. This challenges you to think about what you’ve been unable to fully transform in the domestic realm, even during these last few trying months. What have you left on the table that should be on the altar of letting go, Aries? Look at it without fear.

Friday 31, July

The Moon lights up your house of career and worldly ambition today, Aries. You’re thinking about exactly how you can best upgrade your current professional plans. It’s been a slow but steady climb and now you have some new tricks up your sleeve – you’re totally ready to launch.

Thursday 30, July

The Moon and Mars are working together to bring you all the mojo and enthusiasm you need to get the job done well today, Aries. You are still in a super fiery mode until evening, when the desire to escape from reality sneaks in. Use this to move through any stagnation by tapping into your dreams and fantasies.

Wednesday 29, July

The Moon and Sun are in a lovely, perfect trine making a fabulous triple-fire triangle for you. This brings all of the magic and creativity to your door. You could use a little boost, Aries. Enjoy this spiritual upgrade after a heavy few days. Now you can look forward to renewed enthusiasm and maybe even some long-overdue joy.

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