New analysis predicts the Chicago Bulls will take older forward at No. 11 in the 2024 NBA draft

In a newly published write-up from our sister site HoopsHype, the projected first round selection of each draft pick in the 2024 NBA draft has been forecast by making use of a system that, as H/H analyst Alberto De Roa writes, uses the Draft Predictor, “a new tool that factors in our Aggregated Mock Draft and our workout tracker to generate the probability of every player landing at each draft slot.”

And regarding the Chicago Bulls’ No. 11 overall pick of the 2024 NBA draft, HoopsHype sees the most likely prospect to be drafted by Chicago as senior University of Tennessee small forward Dalton Knecht at 24.9% overall odds.

Other potential Bulls draft projections include University of Southern California point guard Isaiah Collier (18.2% odds), G League Ignite small forward Ron Holland (10.5% odds), University of Connecticut combo guard Stephon Castle (8.1% odds), and Baylor shooting guard Ja’Kobe Walter (8.1% odds).

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire