An NHL draft prospect at the 2010 combine was asked about defecating on a car

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A hockey draft prospect tried to get ahead of an embarrassing story. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Professional sports teams go to extreme lengths to grill potential draft picks as much as possible. Teams aren’t just investing in a player’s ability, they are investing in them as people. Misjudge a player’s character, and you could end up with a colossal bust.

That probably explains why one 2010 NHL draft prospect was asked about ... uh ... that time he relieved himself on a car, according to Katie Strang of The Athletic.

The story goes like this: One of the top NHL prospects in 2010 was allegedly caught defecating on a car. It earned him a suspension from his program.

When teams heard the rumors surrounding that player’s suspension, they made sure to ask the player about it at the combine. The player had apparently heard the question so much that he eventually started opening interviews by admitting to the deed, according to Strang.

“That’s all anyone wanted to know,” said one person who attended the combine that year and knew the question every team was asking: ‘Hey, we heard you s--- on a car.’”

One team executive remembers the player being savvy enough to tacitly acknowledge the act while artfully dodging further questions. Another remembered him being much more outright with his transgression.

“We didn’t even have to ask,” the executive recalled. “He walks in, very confident, sits in the chair, no hello’s, no ‘how are you doing?’ no breaking into (small talk). He just said, ‘Yup, it’s true. I s--- on my girlfriend’s car.'”

The player was kept anonymous for obvious reasons.

Those types of questions are not unusual when it comes to professional sports combines. Sometimes, those questions can be silly, like when a scout asks a player “boxers or briefs.” Sometimes, they can cross the line, like when Dez Bryant was asked if his mom was a prostitute.

This doesn’t really fall into either category. This is just absurd. And while we would give the player credit for just coming clean about his transgression, Strang says he got caught doing the same thing in college.


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