Alton Brown Is Over April Fools' Day, But Not For The Reason You Might Think

Alton Brown smiling in headshot
Alton Brown smiling in headshot - Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

There are three types of people on April Fools' Day: those who film their spouse's reaction to an elaborate prank and post the embarrassing footage on social media, those who enjoy watching the chaos, and those who steer clear of the whole ordeal. TV personality Alton Brown has just announced that he is in the latter camp -- at least, these days.

While some folks aren't down with toying with their peers and others are just poor sports, the reason Brown gave for abstaining from April Fools' Day this year was all too relatable. In the early morning hours of April 1, the food scientist, author, and former host of "Good Eats" took to X (formerly Twitter) to denounce the prank-centric day, writing, "Now that people just make s**t up everyday, #AprilFoolsDay isn't nearly as fun as it used to be."

Being in the public eye, Brown is no stranger to the rumor mill that has become mainstream media. However, this year, it seems there are loads of other folks sharing his sentiment. "You got that right," one commenter wrote. "So very true," said another.

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April Fools' Day Is Cancelled, According To X

Alton Brown laughing in close-up
Alton Brown laughing in close-up - Brad Barket/Getty Images

Although Alton Brown didn't give any more details about what he meant, many people in the comments section seemed to infer that Brown was talking about misinformation in the media. After a 2023 Gallup poll revealed that only 7% of Americans have "a great deal" of trust in the media, this comes as no big surprise. "Ah, the good ol' days of April Fools' joy, where fibs were seasonal, not daily," one commenter wrote. "Eclipsed by fake news rain, April Fools' now feels tame," another read.

However, some folks took Brown's message as a reminder to be more present. "Honestly it was never that fun," one commenter wrote, adding, "Except that it was a good day to not be online at all, which is a reminder that I should set my phone down now."

Despite his current stance on April Fools' Day, Brown's past tweets have proved that he has no issue with poking a little fun. Before the 2020 election, Brown had a hilarious Twitter rant that included little nuggets of wisdom like a tweet that read, "No matter what happens tomorrow, we'll still have tiny chocolate doughnuts."

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