Aldi’s New Colorful Glassware Set Is the Best Williams-Sonoma Copycat We’ve Seen Yet

Run, don't walk, to pick up these pretty glasses.



I think Aldi knows what it's doing by now. The store drops one great kitchen item after another in its "Aisle of Shame"—the affectionate name shoppers call the aisle they can't resist—but never does it all at once.

Two weeks ago, I coveted Aldi's pretty hobnail glass pitcher, but I resisted. I also sang the praises of its copycat Pyrex mixing bowl set with lids, but I already had the Pyrex set, so I didn't need the Aldi set. About a month ago, the store offered some Williams-Sonoma look-alike highball glassware, but they were sold out by the time I got to the store.

Here's why I say Aldi knows what it's doing: It never offers these kitchen glassware items in the same week. And, as any fan of the Aisle of Shame understands, most items are only there for a week. Once they're gone, they're gone. The store has found a way to get us in there weekly, even if we're not yet out of bread, milk, or Mama Cozzi's pizzas. Instead, they can lure us with housewares for the kitchen, table, and patio.

Aldi has another upcoming glassware offer that may be my favorite of all. I may walk down the Aisle of Shame and snatch a set for myself.

Aldi's New Crofton Colorful Glassware Set of 4

Colorful glassware is trendy right now, and Aldi has a four-pack of colorful Crofton glasses—for just $9.99 ($2.50 per glass). Each set includes four different jewel-toned colors: pink, yellow, green, and blue.



There are three different types of glassware to choose from:

  • Hobnail old fashioned glasses (also known as rocks glasses)

  • Stemmed wine glasses

  • Stemless wine glasses

The old fashioned glasses look identical to Williams-Sonoma Fortessa Jupiter Double Old Fashioned Glasses, which are six for $48 ($8 per glass). The Williams-Sonoma glasses come in 10 different colors, but you have to buy all six in the same color. You could buy four Aldi glass sets (16 glasses) for what you’d spend on the Williams-Sonoma glasses, with some money to spare.



While the Aldi glassware is the better bargain, the Williams-Sonoma glasses have one advantage: they are not a limited-time deal. The Crofton glassware in any of the three styles will hit store shelves starting April 3, and there’s a good chance they won’t be restocked, whereas the Williams-Sonoma version will likely be available for several months.

So here’s my advice: If you want the Crofton old fashioned glasses, stemmed wine glasses, or stemless wine glasses from Aldi, run, don’t walk to Aldi on April 3. If you don’t, you might miss out—especially if I get there first.

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