6 Walmart Deals That Are Better Than the Dollar Store

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Dollar stores are great ways to save money and especially convenient when you’re in a pinch and need small quantities of just one or two items. They certainly come with their own caveats though, as oftentimes buying a single of a small item ends up costing far more than it would in the grocery store. Below are some examples of items that cost less in a regular grocery store or large retailer, as saving money isn’t always achieved though obvious avenues.

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1. Salsa

Walmart charges about 9.28 cents per ounce of salsa when bought in larger quantities compared to Dollar Tree’s 12.5 cents, The List reported.

2. Ro-Tel

Walmart and Dollar Tree both sell the same 10-ounce can of Ro-Tel diced green chilies and tomatoes — but Walmart sells it for less. Walmart’s current price is 98 cents and Dollar Tree’s is — you guessed it — one dollar. On Dollar Tree’s website, there is also a minimum purchase of the product for 12 cans, or a case, whereas Walmart’s site allows you to add just one can. Not very COVID-friendly when you consider that you’d likely need to travel to the store to purchase just one can.

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3. Bush’s Baked Beans

This classic might seem like a good thing to pick up cheap from Dollar General, but Walmart edges out the competition once again. A 21-ounce can at Dollar General costs $1.95, while Walmart’s 28-ounce can of the same product costs $2.18, coming in at .0779 per ounce. At that price, 21 ounces comes out to $1.635, about 30 cents cheaper than the Dollar General counterpart.

4. Hormel Chunky Beef Chili

Another classic that costs surprisingly less at Walmart, the big-box giant lists a 15-ounce can on their site for $1.92. Meanwhile. Dollar General offers the same can for $2.05.

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5. Flintstones Chewable Vitamins

This childhood favorite also pays to be bought at Walmart. Sixty chewable tablets cost $6.88 at Walmart, while Dollar General charges $7.50 for the same amount.

6. Canned Beans

Canned beans retail for around 73 cents each at Walmart, but you’ll pay $1 each at Dollar Tree, the List reported. This amounts to savings of over 25%

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While dollar stores can come in handy for certain items in a pinch, canned items and vitamins seem to be a smarter buy at Walmart. Remember, big box stores like Walmart have higher quantities of their products and move larger volumes, which allows them to offer lower prices on everyday items. Dollar stores market everything for a dollar, which can pay on certain products like paper goods, but won’t always make fiscal sense.

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