2nd accused shooter arrested in gang-related gunfire exchange at Kennewick intersection


The second alleged gunman in a daylight gang-related gunfight on a busy Kennewick street was arrested after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend.

Investigators believe Jorge Luis Monge, 24, was behind the wheel of a silver Chrysler 300 when he opened fire on a rival gang member and his three children in a car on May 23.

Six days later, he allegedly put a gun to his girlfriend’s head during an argument. That brought Richland police to a Pike Avenue apartment complex to arrest him.

Monge is currently being held in the Benton County jail in lieu of $650,000 bail on a seven charges connected to the two incidents, including first- and second-degree assault, illegally having a gun, drive-by shooting and making a death threat.

He appeared last week in Benton County Superior Court.

Monge is a gang member who goes by the name “Boogeyman,” according to court documents. His girlfriend said he had recently started using methamphetamine was becoming increasingly paranoid and violent.

He has convictions for residential burglary, second-degree assault, second-degree robbery and attempted residential burglary.

Monge’s arrest is the third to come from the 1:30 p.m. shooting on Clearwater Avenue near WinCo Foods.

The other gunman, John M. Salinas, 37, and his son, John M. Gomez, 16, are charged in connection with the shooting.

Salinas is accused of drive-by shooting and illegally possessing a gun, while his son is charged as a juvenile for first-degree rendering criminal assistance, as well as having a gun illegally.

Drive-by shooting

Salinas told officers after his arrest that he had gotten a call from his son who said someone in a silver vehicle had pointed a gun at him.

It’s not clear in the report whether it was Gomez or his younger son who called, but they both allegedly have gang ties, according to court documents.

Salinas left in a black Mercedes and picked them up. As they were driving, his son saw the same silver car. Witnesses reported seeing the Mercedes following the Chrysler until they reached the intersection of Clearwater Avenue and Union Street.

Witnesses saw the Mercedes driver with a red bandana over his face and the Chrysler’s driver pull out a revolver and point it the other car. They heard five or six shots from the Chrysler, and then two or three more shots from the Mercedes.

Salinas was wounded in the Mercedes and told a witness who came to help him that “southsiders” shot him.

Still, Salinas managed to drive back to an Albany Street apartment to drop off his 9-year-old daughter, and Gomez’s mother drove him to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland.

Police spotted the silver Chrysler 300 with Monge driving at the intersection of Kennewick Avenue and North Yelm Street, said court documents. But when they tried to stop him, Monge allegedly sped away, driving into an oncoming lane of traffic and forcing people to swerve out of the way.

Days later, after his arrest for the incident with his girlfriend, police found the Chrysler in the backyard of a home where had allegedly hidden it. There were multiple bullet holes in the left front door panel.

Attacking girlfriend

Court documents show that Monge had allegedly gone after the shooting to the Pike Avenue apartment where he lived with his girlfriend.

Investigators would later learn that Monge had arrived at the apartment about 12:45 p.m. while she was out. When she returned, he started leveling accusations at her that quickly turned violent.

About 2:10 a.m., she sent a text to a friend saying he had hit her because he believed she had cheated on him and told her friend to call police quickly because he had a gun.

He allegedly pushed her into the bedroom and began punching her. He covered her mouth and began choking her, according to court documents. .

After she tried fighting back and yelling for help, he allegedly took out a .45 caliber handgun and put it to her head and threatened to kill her, according to court documents.

When Monge relented and left her alone, she texted her friend for help.

When police arrived they could not reach her and surrounded the apartment. They spotted Monge step outside before returning to the house.

Monge’s girlfriend then came out with her dog but Monge didn’t come out for several more minutes, said police.

He denied attacking her or threatening her. He claimed she wanted him to get his things out of the apartment because she believed he was cheating on her.