27 Hilarious And Accurate Tweets About Life In Your 40s

Each decade of life comes with its share of pluses and minuses, but there’s something special about being in your 40s. You’re wiser and more mature than you were in your youth, more comfortable in your skin and you know what you like.

Sure, you may not have quite as much energy as you once did. But you’re still having a whole lot of fun — it’s just that your definition of fun has changed over time.

Below, we’ve gathered 27 relatable tweets about life in your 40s.

In your 40s, movies are just white noise for couch naps.

— I Hide From My Kids (@IHideFromMyKids) October 17, 2023 ">

Welcome to your 40s. You’re either hungry or horny- and it’s probably both.

— natalayhehoo (@highprobably1) May 10, 2022 ">

welcome to your 40s, the first song you ever made out to is being used to promote mutual funds

— Witchy Woman (@dreamthievin) September 11, 2021 ">

(Being in your 40s)

Husband: “Why did you get up so early if you’re still tired?”

Me: “I had to pee and by the time I got back, I had been awake too long”

— Bird Eckler (@Birdeckler) March 31, 2024 ">

“That’s such a cute pill organizer!”
And other ridiculous things you say in your 40s.

— Rachel Sobel (@whinecheezits) November 2, 2021 ">

Hey, you're in your 40s, you don't have to put any of your aunt's green bean ambrosia salad on your plate anymore

— Jason Not Evil (@JasonNotEvil) November 22, 2023 ">

dating in your 40s is just making sure your red flags compliment each other

— S̲uper H̲uman A̲utomated Y̲odeler (@_indica_sky) November 13, 2023 ">

When you're in your 40s, every sneeze can take you out.

— Imani Gandy (Orca’s Version) ⚓️ (@AngryBlackLady) March 30, 2024 ">

Welcome to your 40s there is no graceful way to get off any Disney ride

— Vinod Chhaproo (@Chhapiness) July 12, 2021 ">

being hot in your 40s means you’re gonna be hot forever

— vision bored (@visionbored2) December 10, 2023 ">

11 yo: mom, you look great, like you’re still in your 40s
Me: I AM in my 40s
11: that’s the spirit

— Midge (@mxmclain) November 17, 2023 ">

Today I found a random sock so I looked in the odd sock drawer and was able to match it up. Then I proudly said “see, the system works” to my wife. Being 40 is wild.

— threetimedaddy (@threetimedaddy) June 7, 2020 ">

Welcome to your 40s: you appreciate a good soup more often than you care to admit

— That Mom Tho (@mom_tho) March 22, 2024 ">

small talk in your 40s is just discussing your last nap and when you’d like to take another nap

— cella (@cellapaz) August 8, 2022 ">

We’re going to need to go to Costco

-flirting with your spouse in your forties

— Simon Holland (@simoncholland) August 30, 2023 ">

14: hey dad- do you know what 9x9x9x9 is?

Me: I'm 40. I don't need to know that anymore.

— Dadman Walking (@dadmann_walking) March 20, 2024 ">

Welcome to your 40s, you pee now 'just in case'

— FᎪᎢ ᏩᎪNᎠᎪᏞF (@sofarrsogud) March 20, 2022 ">

My husband keeps debating whether to use his Christmas Amazon gift card on a food processor or an Instant Pot, in case you wondered how thrilling your 40s are.

— Stephanie Ortiz (@Six_Pack_Mom) January 5, 2021 ">

Pillow talk when you’re married in your 40s is whispering things like “when I die, if you need access to the accounts, just hold my phone up to my dead face”

— I Hide From My Kids (@IHideFromMyKids) October 5, 2022 ">

Friday nights in your 40s mean discussing what you want to do until 9 pm and then it’s too late so you go to bed and then scroll your phone til 1 am

— That Mom Tho (@mom_tho) March 2, 2024 ">

Being a mom in your 40s is putting a timer in your phone to remind yourself to be the tooth fairy.

— @itssherifield (@itssherifield) May 26, 2022 ">

Foreplay in your 40s is sending your wife photos of walk-in closets.

— Dan Regan (@DanRegan_Comedy) October 22, 2021 ">

Welcome to your forties, weekend parties are now spent discussing food recipes and home decor

— Vinod Chhaproo (@Chhapiness) August 31, 2020 ">

Welcome to your 40s. You now have a daily fiber intake goal to hit.

— Dadman Walking (@dadmann_walking) March 21, 2024 ">

A little irritated that I didn’t get a free container of IcyHot when I turned 40

— Real Life Mommy (@reallifemommy3) March 19, 2024 ">

Woman turning 44: This is middle age.
Me, who'll be 44 in May: You take that back!!

— My Life Is The Pitts Family (@LifePitts) March 18, 2024 ">

When you see someone over 40 out in public after 9PM, there's a 100% chance they took a nap earlier in the day

— Dan Regan (@DanRegan_Comedy) April 11, 2024 ">