22 Times People Caught Their Roommate Doing Something Completely And Totally Bizarre

We all do weird stuff sometimes, especially when we think we're alone. Recently, u/enchantedsophia asked people on Reddit to share the strangest thing they've caught their roommate doing, and the responses are truly wild. Here's what people had to say:

1."A friend had a roommate in college who would eat a bag of microwave popcorn, then eat the bag."

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2."I had a roommate when I was in my early 20s who got deep into a pyramid scheme. He was convinced that he was going to be a millionaire from it, and he just needed to sell the shitty energy drinks and protein shakes, etc., that the 'company' was having him buy in bulk. Anyway, one day I come home on break and he doesn't know I'm there. I hear talking coming from his bedroom. He is lifting weights in the mirror staring at himself basically shouting, 'I AM NOT A LOSER, I WILL SELL THESE PRODUCTS, I WILL BE RICH, I WILL SUCCEED,' and so forth. He was so in the zone that he did not see me standing there, and I never brought it up to him. He basically lost all his friends and money for years due to that stupid cult pyramid scheme. He eventually got out when the guy who brought him in started fucking his girlfriend. He's still kind of weird."


3."I woke up to find my roommate at his drawing desk wearing boxer shorts on his head. I didn't broach the matter at first. The landlord was due to arrive shortly for the checks, and so I put it to him at last. 'Dave, you've got boxer shorts on your head.' To this day I still remember him languidly turning around, boxer shorts and all, asking what I'd just said. When I repeated myself, he suddenly went, 'Oh, shit, shit!' and tore them off his head, blushing. When I asked why he'd been wearing them in the first place, he said that since he'd started growing his hair out, it had started to get into his eyes while he was drawing at his desk, and it was the only thing he had to hand right then to solve the problem. Dave could be a pain in the ass a lot of the time, but he had these moments that reminded me that, yes, he was human after all."


4."It's me. I'm the roommate. I thought I was at the house by myself. That Key and Peele skit 'East vs West Bowl' had just come out and the names were hilariously catchy. Davoin Showerhandel was stuck in my head, and I couldn't get it out. I just started shouting it out loudly again and again and again. That was until I heard my roommate burst out laughing in the living room. He had been quietly reading a book for like two hours."

5."I caught a roommate trying to sneak all her stuff out one gym bag at a time in order to move out and not pay all the back rent she owed. Her mom ended up paying after we threatened a court filing. Her room, which we hadn't seen the inside of for a year, was the most disgusting shit I have ever seen in my life."


6."I left to go snowboarding. Got about 20 minutes down the road and realized I left my pass in my other jacket. Went back to my condo, and my roommate was in front of the TV on the floor in just his boxers and a pair of goggles. He was using a Dremel tool to strip the paint off his bicycle. Paint flakes everywhere. I was like, WTF???? He said, 'Gonna repaint my bike.' I don’t think he ever finished that project."


7."I got up in the middle of the night to take a leak, and I caught her at 3 a.m. drinking the brine out of my jar of pickles."

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8."Once, I saw a housemate stick his finger into the butter and swirl it around, then dip the butter-covered finger into a bag of sugar and eat it like an ice cream."


9."I don't have a roommate, but I have parents. I heard my mom in the kitchen like she was on a cooking show. 'You want to dice the onion fine and throw that in for 350 for about 25 minutes or the temperature reaches 165.' Not recording anything. Not talking to anybody. Just cooking. She looked up when saw me and said 'What?' like it was normal. Um, nothing..."


10."Caught my roommate talking to a potted plant for 20 minutes while watering it, calling it Mr. Greens."

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11."My first college roommate came back from the bathroom with a huge roll of toilet paper. Walks to the mini-fridge and gets a can of spray cheese. He breaks off like four squares of TP at a time, folding it into a single square, then sprays cheese into the middle, folds it like a pierogi, and eats it in a single bite. I really wish I was making this up. Dude was fucking weird."


12."Making a diorama of a scene from the book Fahrenheit 451 out of milk cartons from the dining hall."


13."Straining a pot of boiled noodles just straight onto the kitchen floor and then sopping up the water with the hot pad."

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14."Me and my best bud lived together for a year, basically spending the whole year stoned. One night, I come home, and the place reeks of weed and the lights are all turned off. I see his door is closed, but orange flickering lights were coming from under the door. I knock and slowly open the door to reveal a hundred tiny lit candles all over his huge desk arranged in a long rectangle. He’s standing above them holding a video camera. 'The fuck are you doing?' 'I’m making art! This is gonna be the best short film ever!' '…What’s it called?' 'CANDLES!'"


15."My roommate eats dinner in the dark. Scares the hell out of me when I go into the kitchen, flip the lights on, and reveal someone already there. We call it dark dinner."


16."I walked in on my roommate sitting on my bed, taking pictures of my things. We later found out she had a blog about us (my other roommate and I). She gave us nicknames, made fun of us, and posted pictures of our things. It was super mean and really weird."

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17."Serenading the refrigerator. Not really, though that is what it looked like. He played the guitar a lot. He'd wander around the house playing his guitar. If he got hungry, he'd go open the fridge door and then stand back and play to it while he decided what to eat."


18."One of my roommates in college used to eat onions like an apple. Just take whole ass bites out of it, skin and all. Sometimes, he’d put ketchup on it."


19."I hear her giggle every time she poops."

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20."I came home from class and caught my roommate eating a stick of butter like a chocolate bar."


21."I once saw my housemate on my balcony performing karate moves with a cigarette in his mouth at like 1 a.m. He must have thought I was asleep because it was so late, but I was actually on the balcony next door having a beer with my neighbor. The thing is, he never actually trained in any martial arts. I know he was always insecure about himself and his ability to defend himself, so I think he was enacting an imaginary scenario of him beating someone up? Dunno."


22.And finally, "Pissing and shitting in a box, covering it up with this sort of sand-like stuff, then coming right back into the living room to stare out the window for like an hour."

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Have you ever caught someone you live with doing something extremely weird? Tell us about it in the comments!