2025 Toyota 4Runner Keeps Power Roll-Down Rear Window, Debuts April 9

toyota 4runner rear window teaser
New Toyota 4Runner Debuts April 9Toyota

Last week, Toyota shared a first look at the new Toyota 4Runner that only showcased the presence of a new tailgate. This week's teaser is much more revealing, not only showing a couple of major features but also confirming a full debut on April 9.

In the quick video, a driver uses a roll-down rear window to reveal the date before quickly rolling the window back up. It confirms the return of one of the car's more unique features, one that not only provides a second level of rear storage access and versatility but offers a unique way to get more air into the cabin when venturing further out onto the trails the car is built to explore.

A larger photo shared with the teaser showcases a few more details, including a roof rack and a fittingly chunky roofline spoiler. The rolled-down rear window also shows off a massive central screen, one that seemingly makes the already-large screen in the new Land Cruiser look small. Unlike the dashboard of the Land Cruiser, which integrates both the central screen and the driver's gauges into a single chunky panel stretching across two-thirds of the dashboard, this screen appears to be housed independently in the middle of the dash.

The full 2024 4Runner will be revealed in five days. Given Toyota's stellar recent track record with enthusiast cars, expect it to be one of the more interesting offerings in the SUV space from the minute it debuts.

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