2024 NCAA baseball tournament: Bracket, schedule, format and more for College World Series

Starting Friday, 64 schools across the country will compete for the Men's College World Series title. The month-long tournament wraps up in Omaha, Neb. with a best-of-three series to crown the 2024 champion.

Though the bracket looks similar to the NCAA men's college basketball tournament millions of people enjoy every March and April, there are some key differences. Here's everything you need to know ahead of the first pitches on Friday afternoon:

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2024 NCAA baseball tournament format

Regionals: The NCAA baseball tournament begins with this double-elimination group stage. Double-elimination means that a team must lose twice to be eliminated from the tournament. The 64-team field is split into 16 groups of four teams seeded Nos. 1-4. Here's how the game schedule goes:

  • Game 1: No. 3 vs. No. 2

  • Game 2: No. 1 vs. No. 4

  • Game 3: Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser

  • Game 4: Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner

  • Game 5: Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 loser

  • Game 6: Game 4 winner vs. Game 5 winner

  • Game 7 (if necessary): Rematch of Game 6 to determine regional winner if two teams have one loss

Super regionals: The 16 regional-winning teams are then split into eight best-of-three series.

Men's College World Series: The eight remaining teams are split into two double-elimination brackets. The winners of each bracket meet for a best-of-three series to crown the NCAA champion in Omaha.

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2024 NCAA baseball tournament key dates

  • Regionals: May 31-June 1

  • Super Regionals: June 6-8 or June 7-9

  • Men's College World Series: Begins June 14

  • Men's College World Series finals: June 22-24

2024 NCAA baseball tournament host sites and top seeds

The top seeds are the hosts for each regional. The SEC and ACC lead the way in 2024 with five regional hosts from each conference. Here are the regional locations and their host teams:

  • Knoxville Regional: Tennessee

  • Lexington Regional: Kentucky

  • Bryan-College Station Regional: Texas A&M

  • Chapel Hill Regional: North Carolina

  • Fayetteville Regional: Arkansas

  • Clemson Regional: Clemson

  • Athens Regional: Georgia

  • Tallahassee Regional: Florida State

  • Norman Regional: Oklahoma

  • Raleigh Regional: NC State

  • Stillwater Regional: Oklahoma State

  • Charlottesville Regional: Virginia

  • Tucson Regional: Arizona

  • Santa Barbara: UC-Santa Barbara

  • Corvallis Regional: Oregon State

  • Greenville Regional: East Carolina

2024 NCAA baseball tournament: National seeds

These are the top eight national seeds. If they win their respective regionals, they will be the host site for the super regional games.

  1. Tennessee

  2. Kentucky

  3. Texas A&M

  4. North Carolina

  5. Arkansas

  6. Clemson

  7. Georgia

  8. Florida State

If any of these top eight teams lose their regional, organizers will announce a new location for the super regional round.

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2024 NCAA baseball tournament regional seeds

Knoxville Regional

  1. Tennessee

  2. Southern Mississippi

  3. Indiana

  4. Northern Kentucky

Lexington Regional

  1. Kentucky

  2. Indiana State

  3. Illinois

  4. Western Michigan

Bryan-College Station Regional

  1. Texas A&M

  2. Louisiana

  3. Texas

  4. Grambling

Chapel Hill Regional

  1. North Carolina

  2. LSU

  3. Wofford

  4. Long Island

Fayetteville Regional

  1. Arkansas

  2. Louisiana Tech

  3. Kansas State

  4. Southeast Missouri State

Clemson Regional

  1. Clemson

  2. Vanderbilt

  3. Coastal Carolina

  4. High Point

Athens Regional

  1. Georgia

  2. UNC-Wilmington

  3. Georgia Tech

  4. Army

Tallahassee Regional

  1. Florida State

  2. Alabama

  3. Central Florida

  4. Stetson

Norman Regional

  1. Oklahoma

  2. Duke

  3. UConn

  4. Oral Roberts

Raleigh Regional

  1. NC State

  2. South Carolina

  3. James Madison

  4. Bryant

Stillwater Regional

  1. Oklahoma State

  2. Nebraska

  3. Florida

  4. Niagara

Charlottesville Regional

  1. Virginia

  2. Mississippi State

  3. St. John's

  4. Penn

Tucson Regional

  1. Arizona

  2. Dallas Baptist

  3. West Virginia

  4. Grand Canyon

Santa Barbara Regional

  1. UC-Santa Barbara

  2. San Diego

  3. Oregon

  4. Fresno State

Corvallis Regional

  1. Oregon State

  2. UC-Irvine

  3. Nicholls

  4. Tulane

Greenville Regional

  1. East Carolina

  2. Wake Forest

  3. VCU

  4. Evansville

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