13-Year-Old Joy Rides Lamborghini Huracan in Rain, Totals Supercar, Police Say

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Teenage Lamborghini Joy Ride Ends Predictably West Vancouver Police

You probably remember seeing your first supercar out in the wild. It's an exhilarating feeling, taking in the sharp angles, low-slung body, and typically ear-piercing exhaust note. For some, this first encounter begins a long road aspiration, but a pair of friends in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada allegedly went down the path of instant gratification instead.

That's because, according to cops, they decided to take a Lamborghini Huracan on an evening joy ride, in the pouring rain no less. On March 25, the West Vancouver Police Department was called to the scene of a single-vehicle collision on the Trans Canada Highway. Upon finding the totaled Arancio Xanto-colored Huracan spun into a ditch, officers scoured the area for the driver and any potential passengers.

With help from the Huracan's owner, officers eventually located the two uninjured occupants, including the 13-year-old alleged driver. The relationship between the owner of the Huracan and impressionable teens remains unclear. West Vancouver Police did not confirm the age of the passenger, but interviews following the crash indicate a clear motive.

"The youth and a friend decided to take the car for a drive but were unable to control the car in the dark and rainy conditions. While significant property damage has been done, we are grateful that no one was hurt in the collision," said West Vancouver Police Sargeant Chris Bigland in a statement. "The driver has been charged under the Motor Vehicle Act with Speeding, Drive Without Due Care, Fail to Remain at the Scene of a Collision, and Driving with No Drivers License."

Analyzing the photo provided by the West Vancouver PD, it appears the entire front end was ripped off as well as the rear quarter panel. The engine access compartment was also blown open and it even looks like the airbags deployed inside, indicating the pair crashed with some force. Beyond the damage done to the Italian supercar (which was enough to write it off), West Vancouver PD says the ensuing property damage was significant, too.

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