10 Top Cities for Coffee, According to the Experts

From timeless to trendy, these cities know how to do coffee right.

<p>Silas Dunham</p>

Silas Dunham

Maybe it's the smell or perhaps it's the ritual. It could be the smooth first taste or the last full-bodied drop. Or maybe it's all of it. Whatever it is, people sure do love their coffee. Like, really love their coffee. Globally, we consume about 2.25 billion cups a day. But where, exactly, can you find the best cup?

From Milan to Tokyo, Lisbon to Cape Town, these cities offer an array of destinations serving the perfect cup and everything in between: flat whites, lattes, cappuccinos, you name it. We've rounded up the best coffee shops in each coffee-centric city for travelers who love their morning coffee.

Here are 10 standout cities for coffee around the world, and our plus one pick that shouldn't be missed.

Copenhagen, Denmark

<p>Daniel Rasmussen/Courtesy Wonderful Copenhagen</p>

Daniel Rasmussen/Courtesy Wonderful Copenhagen

The Danish capital is renowned for its quality-over-quantity approach, with coffee shops serving meticulously sourced beans and brewing award-winning cups. Just look to coffee greats like Troels Overdal Poulsen, a Dane who won the World Coffee Championship in 2005, helping put the city on the coffee map. In town, don't miss The Coffee Collective, run by Klaus Thomsen and Casper E. Rasmussen, champion baristas in their own rights, who have dedicated their shop to sustainably sourced beans.

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Tokyo, Japan

<p>Silas Dunham</p>

Silas Dunham

Tokyo’s coffee scene is just like everything else in the Japanese capital — perfection. From historic shops offering siphon-brewed coffee to modern third-wave cafes experimenting with brewing techniques and flavors, it's a city where you can sip whatever your heart desires. If you're not quite sure what that may be, make your way to Koffee Mameya, where you can explore and taste a variety of beans from around the world to find the perfect one for you. Bonus: You can now visit Koffee Mameya Kakeru, its new sit-down tasting room in the Shirakawa coffee district too.

Sydney, Australia

<p>Lisa Maree Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images</p>

Lisa Maree Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Yes, Sydney is a laid-back beach town and the atmosphere in its cafe most certainly matches the vibe, but the coffee here is serious business. For a choice in brews head to the Surry Hills area, which comes packed with cafes, including Single O's flagship store. Pick up single origin or bean blends along with — what else — an Australian signature flat white.

San Francisco, Unites States

<p>Elisa Cicinelli / Getty Images</p>

Elisa Cicinelli / Getty Images

Los Angeles isn't the only city in California with a fantastic coffee scene. Its neighbor to the north, San Francisco, also has plenty to offer by way of caffeinated treats at shops like Ritual Coffee Roasters, founded here in SF in 2005 and beloved for its transparency in direct trade. And don't miss Sextant Coffee Roasters, a shop specializing in Ethiopian beans which roasts everything in-house.

Milan, Italy

<p>Toni Anzenberger / Anzenberger/Redux</p>

Toni Anzenberger / Anzenberger/Redux

In Milan, coffee is more than a beverage; it's a way of life. In the fashionable city travelers will find historic cafes next to modern espresso bars, including the likes of Pasticceria Marchesi, one of Milan’s oldest cafes. The cafe, which opened in 1824, also sells a Heritage Blend co-created with Lavazza, which is the perfect souvenir to bring back from your trip. For a more modern cup, try a specialty coffee shop like Orsonero, which is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

Lisbon, Portugal

<p>Silas Dunham</p>

Silas Dunham

In Lisbon, coffee lovers will find a delightful blend of tradition and modernity between the classic Portuguese pastelarias serving bica (a single shot espresso) alongside contemporary cafes experimenting with beans from around the globe. You can't go wrong with places like Fábrica Coffee Roasters, which has several locations around the city (the best one is a hidden coffee cart in the botanical gardens). But if you want an intimate experience, hop over to Dramatico, a teeny, tiny shop delivering arguably the best cup of coffee in all of Europe.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

<p>Edwin Remsberg / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images</p>

Edwin Remsberg / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Amsterdam's coffee shops can be a bit confusing. The term is used for destinations where you can buy and consume cannabis, so when you're visiting the city, be on the lookout for cafes instead. And luckily, they are abundant. Scandinavian Embassy in De Pijp is always a favorite, and serves Nordic roasters every day, while Back to Black is a more cozy experience and offers sips of small-scale artisan roasters.

London, England

<p>Ray Tang Xinhua / eyevine/Redux</p>

Ray Tang Xinhua / eyevine/Redux

London's coffee scene is something to be admired. It's as posh and put together as the people who call the city home, who you can mix and mingle with during a visit at any number of its third-wave shops. Start a day at Monmouth Coffee Company, which focuses on single-origin beans and has several locations around the city, or go for a cup at Redemption Roasters, a coffee shop that works with incarcerated people to roast their beans (and provides them with work upon release). And for a quieter, more local experience, try Climpson & Sons, which offers just a window to order from, but it's worth standing in the London rain for, we promise.

Cape Town, South Africa

<p>Courtesy of Silo</p>

Courtesy of Silo

Coffee-loving visitors to Cape Town can expect precision excellence with every sip. Here, shops place a significant emphasis on bean origins and sustainability. Taste that high-end brew at spots like Truth Coffee Roasting, which is often regarded as one of the best coffee shops in the world, or Deluxe Coffeeworks, which now has several shops sprinkled across the city.

Melbourne, Australia

<p>ASANKA BRENDON RATNAYAKE/The New York Times/Redux</p>


No list of best coffee cities would be complete without at least two Australian locations, so of course Melbourne made the list. Melbourne's coffee scene is one more eclectic mix of cafes that each take their coffee just as seriously as those in Sydney. Proud Mary is a standout, offering not just exceptional coffee but also a little education around bean sourcing with every cup, and Acoffee offers on-site roasted coffee, making it some of the freshest you'll find in the city.

Plus One: Kigali, Rwanda

<p>Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images</p>

Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Kigali is emerging as an all-around fantastic coffee destination, transforming its coffee industry from simple exports to a third-wave hub. Spots like Question Coffee Café have become community hubs, while Cave Coffee offers both fantastic cups alongside delicious locally sourced meals.

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