10 Canadian Fitness Influencers You Need To Follow in 2021

Greg O’Gallagher

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After leaving an unpromising program at school, Greg O’Gallagher began his fitness journey — now, he touts his multi-million dollar business Kinobody and a fitness legacy under his belt. With over 743K followers on Instagram and an impressive YouTube following, Greg O’Gallagher showcases the perfect lifestyle that anyone can attain. With his stellar physique, he demonstrates that all it takes is a simple diet and workout plan to achieve the body of a God. His passion drove him to start his own business, and it didn’t happen overnight — following his mentors, working tirelessly, and improving his products every step of the way is what grew him and his company to new heights.

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Nando Sirianni


Nando Sirianni is a Toronto-based fashion, fitness and lifestyle influencer with an impressive Instagram following. Inspiring his followers as he brings them along for the ride, he gives them an inside look into his daily routine. His favourite place is the gym, where he gets to live his passion as a personal trainer at Inklein Fitness. Using Instagram,Youtube, and his TikTok to inspire his followers, and portraying a lifestyle that anyone can attain, Nando Sirianni lives his passion every day. Nando’s fitness advice for you this year is to “Set yourself up to do 10 minutes today, 15 minutes tomorrow, and you’ll end up getting toward that hour goal. Just be consistent. Consistency is key.”

Azam Mohammad Taher

Being active for most of his life, Azam Mohammad Taher believes the power of movement can benefit our minds, bodies, and souls. He wanted to help people — from your next-door neighbour to famous athletes — reach their maximum potential. This segued into him becoming a fitness professional, opening his own gym, and delivering speeches at colleges and universities to inspire and motivate people to be the best version of themselves. Passion fuels his vision and he doesn’t intend to give up on his dreams of inspiring others. Azam’s advice for 2021 is to “Put passion over money, believe in your ideas and take risks.”

Oditte Odisho


Oditte Odisho has an impressive fitness career — formerly an NCAA Division 1 basketball player at Duquesne University, a Psychology Bachelor of Arts graduate, and the Training Director at LA Fitness, Oditte has accomplished a lot. Working professionally in the fitness industry for the past six years, Oditte has trained everyone from professional athletes, to seniors, to royalty. This successful streak wasn’t affected by the COVID lockdowns either; as she motivated her followers on social media, she grew her TikTok following to 144k and has over ten million views on Pinterest. Oditte loves the mental aspect of fitness, and how accountability and control over our choices allow us to push beyond our limits. Oditte’s fitness advice this year is to “Just start. So often we wait for the perfect idea, the perfect timing, the perfect aesthetic, but perfect doesn’t exist. Growth happens when you start doing things you’re not qualified to do. Fail in real life, not just in your head. Take the risk. Bet on yourself.”

Victor Miranda

Victor Miranda is always looking for a way to inspire, using fitness and movement to create change in his community. As a fitness trainer, he is making a lasting impact on Toronto by creating charity walks for Sick Kids Hospital and guest lecturing at local colleges to inspire students. As an ambitious entrepreneur, he opened his fitness training facility Elite Culture during the COVID-19 pandemic — because he saw no better time to open than now. Victor is looking forward to franchising his fitness facility and cementing his footprint in the industry through his philanthropic efforts. If you asked Victor for fitness advice, he’ll tell you to “Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams. You can’t always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you have to dare to do it because life is way too short to wonder what could have been!”

Rene Morataya


It’s easy to fall into the gimmicks of health and wellness — we all know they exist — but Rene Morataya wanted to create perspective and awareness around what that really means. Rene soon realized that health is wealth and mental training is just as important as the physical, so he began to make changes to his life. He committed to a better way of living and uses social media to guide others to the path of mental, bodily and spiritual wellness.Rene’s advice is “Don’t focus on the numbers. Don’t do it just for monetization. Do it because you want to make a difference! Share information that can change people’s lives. Not just what’s trending.”

Beverly Cheng


Beverley Cheng is a Toronto fitness and wellness entrepreneur that believes the power of exercise can change your life for the better. After retiring from high-level rugby, she started a fitness blog that segued into a full-time career, encompassing several different brands and services. Her company Born to Sweat runs fitness retreats and workout competitions in Canada, has on-demand subscription services and its own clothing apparel line. As someone who has experienced the positive effects of exercise firsthand, she believes it’s her life’s mission to share this message with as many people as possible. Beverley’s advice for fitness entrepreneurs is to “Figure out what sets you apart from the competition and use that to your advantage! Understand what makes you YOU, and know that these differences will allow you to connect with your audience on a much deeper level.”

Brian Neyugn


Brian Neyugn is a former corporate and boutique gym trainer and a sponsored athlete for MuscleTech and RAWGEAR. His combination of callisthenics, bodybuilding and strength training helped build his physique, evolved his aesthetics, confidence and work ethic to fuel his entrepreneurial drive and success. He found his passion for health and fitness at the young age of 15 and is now committed to his personal brand and online coaching, to motivate and educate others to build their dream physique with a lifetime of confidence. Brian’s advice for fitness influencers is to “Build on your ability to network. Start locally, socially (social network), with the goal to connect globally.”

Devin Lothian


Nova Scotia native Devin Lothian came to the big city of Toronto with the hopes of helping people. Devin loves to lift weights and read books, and Instagram was the perfect medium for him to share his journey. Content creation became an outlet for him to share his story and encourage others to chase their dreams. Devon’s fitness advice for 2021 is to “Learn yourself. Learn often. Develop lifestyles that last a lifetime.”

Bryan Chang


Bryan Chang is a certified personal trainer, nutrition and boxing coach. His unique style of training paired with his passion for training created a new take on fitness. He developed his expertise and teaching style and started his career in 2014, providing his clients with interdisciplinary services to improve their performance and overall quality of life. His social media presence grew rapidly from his innovative style of coaching, and Bryan continually strives to be a role model and an inspiration to his clients and audience. Bryan is committed to staying true to his coaching style and challenging his mind and body to reach new heights. His advice to fitness influencers in 2021 is to “Be as authentic and as REAL as possible. Be YOU and no one else. I think nowadays, authenticity is missing and being real makes you relatable, which builds trust with your audience. Also, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. Constantly teach and give free information to your community.”