The 1-Ingredient Upgrade for Better Bagged Salads

It’s already in your fridge.

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There’s one thing that’s always in my fridge that I’m guessing is in yours too: a jar of dill pickles. While I like them, my daughter looooves them. I say it like that because that’s how 11-year-olds say things, with a touch of drama.

This means I’ve always got a jar or two at the ready, which is handy when I’m looking to jazz up one of those salad kits you find in the produce section. However, it’s not the pickle I’m after, it’s the pickle juice. Here’s why I love it for easily upgrading bagged salads.

Why You Should Add Pickle Juice to Your Bagged Salad Kit

I add pickle juice to salads for the same reason I squeeze lemon juice over fish or finish a sauce with a dash of vinegar. That tiny bit of acidity helps brighten any dish, making it taste better instantly. This is particularly important for salads, which need an extra bit of seasoning to help bring out their flavor.

Besides the punch of acidity, the juice also adds a bit of salt, as well as flavor from the garlic and any other ingredients used in the brine. The combination of acidity and flavor makes pickle juice the perfect, easy addition for upgrading any bagged salad kit.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images </p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

How to Season Your Salad With Pickle Juice

Maybe the best part about this upgrade is that I can hand pickles to my daughter to snack on while I prep dinner. If you have kids and it’s 5 p.m., then you know how important a small, distracting snack is to your ability to get dinner on the table. A happy, quiet kid is the best kid.

While she’s munching, I toss the bagged salad together with a bit of the dressing. Then I splash a tablespoon or two of pickle juice over the salad and toss it again to combine. I serve extra pickle juice (and of course, pickles) on the side.

My Favorite Type of Pickle Juice To Use

I prefer to use dill pickle juice, especially the spicy varieties. My favorite pickles and pickle juice come from Grillo’s Pickles, which can be found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

Their pickles are crisp and crunchy and the liquid is flavorful and light thanks to a cold brining process. There’s always plenty of fresh-tasting acidity, and if you scoop from the bottom of the container, you’ll get a bit of fresh garlic and a few sprigs of dill as well.

If you want to upgrade your next bagged salad mix, consider adding a bit of pickle juice. It only takes a tablespoon or two of the brine to add the perfect pop of acidity and salt. It’s an easy upgrade that works well with dill pickle juice, but I encourage you to experiment because maybe that bread-and-butter pickle juice is just what your bagged salad needs!

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