Jared Goff catches attention of Hollywood star: Is 'Halle Berry' the new 'Omaha'?

As the Rams have laid roots in Los Angeles, they’ve embraced the glitz and glamour that’s involved with being Hollywood’s home team.

Floyd Mayweather’s star sideline appearance netted him not one, but two touchdown balls from Sunday’s win over the Seattle Seahawks in a growing trend of celebrities getting game balls in L.A.

Now stars are making their way into the game plan.

Jared Goff calls on ‘Halle Berry’

Early in the first quarter Sunday, the Seahawks showed pressure, prompting quarterback Jared Goff to audible out of a first-down play call.

The audible? “Halle Berry! Halle Berry!”

The play resulted in an eight-yard pass to tight end Tyler Higbee along the sideline.

Halle Berry takes notice

While it wasn’t sexy, it was functional, and it caught the attention of the Academy Award-winning actress.

Goff was thrilled to hear that Berry was paying attention after the game.

“Wait, hold on, are you serious?” Goff asked reporters. “She heard it!”

He later logged on to shed some light:

There’s no word on how closely Berry follows the Rams. But if it’s a regular part of Goff’s vernacular, there’s a good chance she and we will be hearing a lot more “Halle Berry” as the Rams continue their inevitable march toward the playoffs.

If so, can it rival “Omaha,” the superstar of all audible cadences made famous by Peyton Manning?

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Will “Halle Berry” help the Rams on their quest for a Super Bowl title? (Getty)
Will “Halle Berry” help the Rams on their quest for a Super Bowl title? (Getty)