Novak Djokovic high fives Jay Leno, dances with Katie Holmes

Novak Djokovic was a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Tuesday night. The world No. 1 discussed his Wimbledon victory, how John McEnroe ruined his chances to break the record for longest win streak to open a season and the difficulties of being gluten free in Belgrade. He also went for an impromptu high five with Jay and did a traditional Serbian dance with Tom Cruise's wife.

Kim Clijsters probably saw Djokovic dancing and yelled out "no!" (So did the ghost of Arthur Murray, I'd suppose.) {YSP:more}

The biggest crime though was that loose black tie.

It looks like something George Michael would have worn in the first take of the "Faith" video.

Djokovic will continue hitting the Los Angeles talk show circuit when he appears on "Conan" on Wednesday night.