Man City tried to get morning church bells pushed back in Austria

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Man City are spending 12 days training in high altitude in an Austrian village that was very close to being perfect for their needs. If it weren't for the ancient church bells, cheap mattresses and presence of ketchup.

From Reuters:

Premier League champions Manchester City tried to silence the bells of a 13th century church so they could sleep longer at their Tyrolean mountain training camp but failed to persuade the authorities to agree to the request.

"They tried to have it put back from 8 until 10 in the morning but they didn't succeed," said a local official in the Austrian village of Seefeld, near Innsbruck.

Carlos Tevez simply does not change his bell-ringing schedule for anyone.

The club did succeed in flying in special €1,000-each mattresses, though. And they also rearranged the table settings.

The team, managed by Italian Roberto Mancini, flew in their own Italian chef to supervise kitchen staff in the preparation of pasta-heavy, low-fat meals.

The players are allowed no butter, ketchup or sauces, and items on the dining tables must be arranged in a particular way.

And yes, that "particular way" does involve spelling out "eat it, Fergie" with sugar packets.

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