Irish fans welcome England to Poland with boos and taunts

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

England arrived at their Krakow, Poland hotel on Wednesday and while they were greeted by welcoming fans, there was also a very vocal Irish delegation present. The boisterous Irish fans (whose team is based in Sopot, Poland) sang a medley of choice cuts once the England bus arrived on the, including a couple rounds of "You'll never beat the Irish" (mostly because the earliest they could face each other is in the knockout rounds), "John Terry is a racist," "Maradona" and of course the always resourceful "Booooo."

According to the Telegraph's Henry Winter, the England fans present fought back with chants of "Thierry Henry" and the  "You're going down with the euro."

So when Spain arrived in Poland they got cheerleaders and a giant loaf of bread and when England arrived a day later, they got the melodic banter of the Irish. This is why you should always show up early.

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