Arsenal fans add empty beer can pile to Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

When visiting a foreign land, it's important to locate their most iconic cathedral and get to work on your day drinking right in front of it. And as seasoned European travelers, Arsenal fans did just that outside Milan's Piazza del Duomo ahead of Wednesday night's Champions League match.

From Football Italia:

This afternoon at around 16.00 local time (15.00 in the UK) the 200 English fans were drinking in Piazza Duomo when there was an exchange of insults with two passing Rossoneri supporters.

According to the Italian news reports, they started chasing the pair into the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele before they were ordered to stop by a plain clothes police officer.

This riled up the Arsenal fans, who began hurling beer cans and glass bottles, leaving debris all over the Piazza.

Riot police were then called in. The clashes that ensued resulted in one Arsenal fan with a minor head injury and another in police custody. And that's how the attempt to build a full-sized beer can duomo ended before it even began.