Canadians were even watching the gold medal game while in church (Photo)

Fourth-Place Medal

Nothing gets in the way of Canadians watching their country take another gold medal in ice hockey. Not  double-digit time differences. Not restrictions on alcohol served in bars. Not even religious obligation.  

Here's the best example of "God, country, hockey" we've ever seen: 

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The tweet comes from Kayla Hounsell of CTV, which was filming a segment on devoted hockey fans at Bedford United Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The church had invited its members to Sunday church early via Facebook, but warned that services would start promptly at 9 a.m., while the game was still going on. 

Luckily for these pious puckheads, they were able to proceed toward eternal salvation without much suspense over the game's outcome. Team Canada turned an early one-goal lead into a relatively easy 3-0 win over Sweden for the country's second straight gold medal in men's hockey. 

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