Winter Classic logos unveiled; Bruins/Habs alumni game announced

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Photo tweeted by the Boston Bruins
Photo tweeted by the Boston Bruins

The NHL, Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens had their press gathering for the 2016 Winter Classic on Wednesday at Gillette Stadium, where we learned several uber-important facts about the blessed event 

The Bruins and Canadiens will have an alumni game on Dec. 31, the day before the Classic. Huzzah!

The Bruins and the Canadiens unveiled their cool, old school logos for the Jan. 1 event, which will take place at the home of the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Huzzah!

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There was no jersey unveiling … boo! 

There was much thanking of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, almost to a nauseating level. Probably because Kraft was having a really, really bad day for reasons that had nothing to do with the Winter Classic.

“Through their combined 34 Stanley Cup and Super Bowl titles the Patriots, the Bruins and the Canadiens all have been dominant in their respective sports,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said. “The majesty of their accomplishments set against this spectacular backdrop promises a truly memorable New Years Day for 2016 and a truly special celebration for our sports." 

Lumping the Patriots into this? Give. Me. A Break.

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And there was a lot of joking about the heat – because it was in the 90s in Foxborough, and it will obviously be much cooler come January in Massachusetts. 

“I promise you the temperature will be a little different. Maybe colder than what you want,” said Kraft, who made no obvious Deflate-Gate reference at the news conference. (Sigh). 

Either way, it’ll still be a fun event at the East Coast Classic, which shall no longer have non-Blackhawks Western Conference teams.

Snark aside, bravo on bringing back the alumni game. The Blackhawks and Washington Capitals didn’t have one for the 2015 Winter Classic, and this is generally the most joyous non-Winter Classic element of the weekend. Seeing (hopefully) Ray Bourque strap his pads on for Boston and face the likes of (hopefully) Guy Lafleur for Montreal will no doubt stoke hockey nostalgia charm. Maybe Saku Koivu will come back for this occasion. Maybe we can pull Tim Thomas out of hiding. 

Hopefully Bruins/Canadiens legend Hal Gill will return and play for both teams in the alumni game, because how many guys are adored by fans of both franchises?

As for the logos.


Logo released by the NHL
Logo released by the NHL


Logo released by the NHL
Logo released by the NHL

At least the Canadiens are going for something more classic than their 2011 Heritage Classic unis against Calgary that were … pretty … not different than what Montreal usually wears. Or their 2003 Heritage Classic outfit against Edmonton.

I do love the possible brown bear look for the Bruins. It would add another element than just the normal color pattern. Their 2010 Fenway Park jerseys ... here. 

According to Habs Eyes on the Prize, these would be the Canadiens’ 1922-24 logo and Boston’s 1924-26 logo. Still would love to know what the rest of the outfit looks like.

As to who will win this game? Early bets should be on Montreal, since the Canadiens didn’t gut their team this offseason and decide to rebuild around Matt Beleskey. Though Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs did make a guarantee.

“I’m fully confident the team will repay that (fan) loyalty with a convincing win over our friends from Montreal,” he said.

Even if they didn't release the jerseys, at least we had some late July hockey smack talk. 

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