Watch all-out mayhem as AHL’s Pirates, Sharks rack up 15 fighting majors in two periods (FIGHT VIDEOS)

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The Worcester Sharks' Saturday night tilt with the Portland Pirates may have been one of a handful of hockey games to feature a teddy bear toss after the game's first goal, but it was anything but a considerate affair. The game featured a whopping 15 fighting majors handed out in the final two periods -- including 10 in a 2-minute span -- and 143 total penalty minutes between the two teams.

It was, as they say, old-time hockey. Here's a highlight package featuring all 15 majors. The only thing it's missing is a counter that goes ding! every time someone takes one:

It's a gallimaufry of fisticuffs!

And now for an explanation of what you're seeing.

The first "fight", although it isn't really much of a fight, is between Portland's Chris Brown and Worcester's Chris Gogol, just 1:47 into the second. They don't fight so much as they wrestle on the ice, but that's okay. It's a stage-setter.

Half a minute later, Mark Louis of the Pirates and Frazer McLaren of the Sharks drop the gloves. I'd give the decision to Louis, who landed the big blows just before losing his footing and bringing both fighters to the ground.

The moment the puck is dropped after collecting all of their equipment, Portland's Joel Rechlicz trades punches with Worcester's Jimmy Bonneau. It won't be the last time you hear from Rechlicz.

A minute later, things get silly, with two fights at the same time, and unfortunately, the camera stays on the wrong one. While Worcester's Sena Acolatse fights Phil Lane of Portland in a perfectly fine tilt that the camera captures, Brandon Mashinter of the Sharks squares off went with Mathieu Brodeur of the Pirates, and Mashinter lands the punch of the night. You can hear the announce describe the Sharks' winger absolutely levelling Brodeur with a right. You can see it in this highlight package at the Sharks website.

In the third, Acolatse and Louis get into it after Acolatse crushes Pirates' centre Brendan Shinnimin along the far boards. The announcer says it's clean, but it sure looks like a full-on clothesline right out of the WWE to me, complete with full mid-air rotation to ratchet up the spectacle.

Either way, it leads to Louis going after Acolatse. Relive that dustup and the massive hit that led to it here.

The next thing you're seeing is the return of Rechlicz. The Pirates' right winger snaps during a dustup in the Sharks' zone and attempts to fight pretty much anyone, to no avail. He goes after everyone on the ice, Sharks' goalie Alex Stalock, and even throws one of his elbow pads at the Sharks as the officials try to take him off the ice. For his troubles, he collects another 18 minutes in penalties.

While he's flipping out, Portland's Darian Dziurzynski fights with Worcester's Brodie Reid.

And finally, Matt Pelech earns the night's 15th fighting major all by his lonesome, attempting to start a fight with an unwilling combatant and instead starting one last scene of all-out pandemonium.

In a related story, there was an actual hockey game played between these scenes of mayhem, and the Sharks won it, 5-1.

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