UNH hockey fan’s fish toss humiliation will inspire you (Video)


The struggle is real.

The struggle to accomplish a task. The struggle to take part in tradition. The struggle to freely participate in a celebration of social harmony.

The struggle to throw a giant fish over the glass at a hockey game, and then have it smack you in the head instead.

The University of New Hampshire has a tradition, dating back to the 1970s, in which a large fish is tossed on the ice in celebration of their first goal of a home game. So on Friday night, UNH put a goal on the board against Boston University. A fan walked over and grabbed a fish from a plastic bag.

He swung it back behind him, and looked up at the glass.

He threw the fish … and it landed back into his hands.

He attempted again, and the fish … well, it looked like it was about to be decapitated, its guts spilling out as he tried to get a better grip. He slammed it against the top of the glass, and then it tumbled to the floor.

Finally, undaunted, he used two hands and launched the thing onto the ice, to the delight of the fans.

Some may see this as a cautionary tail, er, tale: ‘Hey dummy, use two hands when you’re throwing a giant fish on the ice.’

But we see it has inspiring. If at first you don’t succeed in throwing a giant fish onto the ice, try, try again to throw that fish. And then when that fails and the fish falls to the ground and everyone starts laughing at you, try, try again to try, try again and launch that bad boy onto the rink and then walk away like you’re Wolverine strolling away from an explosion.

Please somebody set this clip to training montage music.

s/t Deadspin


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