Tim Thomas’s Bruins career over? Ryan Suter’s trade list; Oilers hanging on to No. 1 (Puck Headlines)

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• From reader Karl Merriam: "It's about 50 ft in diameter and each 'spoke' and the 'B' is 46 inches wide (the width of my mower deck). I'm a lifelong Bruins fan and when they got to the finals last year and lost the first 2 games I needed some inspiration. Since I live in Western Massachusetts, in my deluded thinking I figured as the team was flying back from Vancouver after Game 2, they would see my creation and get inspired and pull off the victory. I hopped on my tractor and what you see is the result I freshen it up every other week while mowing my back property. I know you can't see it from 30,000 feet, but I've had small planes circle and wag their wings as they pass over. You can see the coordinates at the bottom of the screen shot if you want to check it out live."

• Great stuff with Joe Haggerty and Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli on Tim Thomas and his NHL future: "I talked to Tim and he said 'Pete, I'm just tired. It's time for me to take the year and I'm seriously considering it.' The time he's telling me in advance certainly helps us out, but he's a goalie maybe in the prime of his career because success came later for him. Anything is possible and I'm sure we haven't heard the end of it. But I respect his decision that he wants to spend more time with his family — and other things." [CSN New England]

• Ryan Suter's agent said they haven't ruled out the Philadelphia Flyers because they haven't submitted a list of teams to the Nashville Predators for a potential UFA rights trade. Which seems a little odd considering the Predators have traded the rights to about a dozen players over the years. Might wanna get on that. [Russo's Rants]

• Nice stuff from Andy Stickland, including former Chicago assistant Mike Havelid and Norfolk's Jon Cooper both considered finalists for the Washington Capitals, and Sheldon Souray rejecting a $3 million deal from the Dallas Stars. [True Hockey]

• Mark Spector believes the Edmonton Oilers won't trade the first overall pick and that their decision on whom to draft could be made the morning the draft. [@SportsnetSpec]

• What should the San Jose Sharks offer the Columbus Blue Jackets for Rick Nash? "Joe Pavelski? Yeah, I'd be okay with this. The Sharks have a wealth of players that are really popular with fans, including me, but that haven't been good enough or consistent enough to get the team where they need to be. Pavelski is a big asset in certain areas, especially on the defensive side of things, but the team would obviously be in a better place with Nash instead of Pavelski. Sorry, Joe." [Battle of Cali]

• The Puck Stops Here says that Cam Fowler had a rough go of it in 2011-12: "Cam Fowler has the worst adjusted +/-.  He is a young player that many people expect big things from and some feel he is already a star but he continually struggles in puck possession stats.  He is showing he is not ready for his current role in Anaheim and fans have overrated his performance so far." [TPSH]

• Ellen Etchingham on selecting the perfect stick. [Backhand Shelf]

• The Tampa Bay Lightning sign Adam Hall and JT Wyman. Alas, Swiss star Damien Brunner will not be joining the team next season. [Lightning Strikes]

• "Reports out of Sweden indicate that Norwegian defenseman Ole-Kristian Tollefsen has rejected a contract offer by the Preds and will stay in Sweden's Elitserien, playing for Farjestad." [OTF]

• "The St. Louis Blues announced Friday that Brad Shaw has been named as Associate Coach. Gary Agnew has been added to the staff as an Assistant Coach along with Ray Bennett." [FOX 2]

• "Aaron Volpatti Is Not Only Alive But Has A New Deal" with the Vancouver Canucks. [Nucks Misconduct]

• Damian Cox has a plan for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and it includes Roberto Luongo but not Rick Nash. [Toronto Star]

• Erik Karlsson on his contract talks with the Ottawa Senators: "[GM] Bryan (Murray) is a reasonable person. I respect him a lot. I think he knows what to do and the guys I have on my side are very professional as well. They know what to do." [QMI]

• Here's how you can follow the Stanley Cup's travels online. It's easier than stalking the Kings. But only slightly. [LA Kings Insider]

• From Alex Edel: "Yes, people will most likely not watch regular season hockey, because in L.A. ice hockey is a little hard to relate to, but the Kings gave the people of L.A. something to root for and something to have pride in, a fact that most accusers of 'bandwagon fans' ignore." [NextGen Journal]

• Finally, LA Kings fans took trains to the parade. Lots of trains.

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