Ryan Miller denies Jacobs tirade; players talk NHL lockout mess (Puck Headlines)

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• Luc Robitaille on 'Phineas and Ferb'. The LA Kings are soooo busted.

• Ryan Miller explains his NHLPA/NHL outburst: "The owners wanted to leave the room and pull everything we spent a full day on. I asked them to stay and continue pushing through. I may have been passionate but there was no disrespect or calling out one owner by name. I have a lot of respect for any owner because they are a big part of hockey." [Buffalo News]

• A Little disappointed. [Winnipeg Free Press]

• Really solid piece by Katie Baker on the labor talk breakdown. [Grantland]

• Outstanding piece by Stephen Brunt on last night's labor mess: "It is going to be tough getting to the finish, though surely that's still in the cards. Fehr is going to negotiate against a deadline — a real hard deadline to salvage the season , wherever that actually lies — and try to hold back any impulsive moves by his membership. Along the way, he's going to grab whatever he can." [Sportsnet]

• Is this really all just Donald Fehr vs. Jeremy Jacobs? "One side has Jeremy Jacobs. The other side has Don Fehr. Fehr isn't leaving the room if Jacobs isn't, and Jacobs is never leaving the room. Impasse-by-ass." [Ratto]

• Kukla has a roundup of what the players are saying about the lockout. [KK]

• Another good roundup from Gone Puck Wild. [GPW]

• Howard Bloom on the lockout: "Gary Bettman made it clear Thursday evening there are no plans to cancel the 2012-13 NHL season, the league was ready to contest a 48 game schedule if need be. The two sides are far too close to an agreement for there not to be an NHL season. The National Hockey League's brand and business has suffered considerable damage as a result of the 2012-13 NHL lockout. The NHL quickly rebounded after the entire 2004-05 season was lost to a lockout, NHL revenues grew from $2.1 to $3.2 billion in the last eight years. If the entire 2012-13 NHL season is canceled because of a labor dispute the NHL might never recover as a brand or as a business. Facing catastrophic consequences the two sides will reach an agreement; they have no other choice but face the unthinkable if they fail." [Sports Business News]

• Michael Buble places the lockout blame: "I understand there are both sides. The owners are the ones who put the risk up and they need to be rewarded for that, but the players I think are being pushed around a little bit." [Province]

• New York Rangers fans must be thrilled to hear about Rick Nash's lingering groin problems, which have brought him home from HC Davos. [NY Post]

• John Noon offers a parody of Bill Daly calling Steve Fehr's voicemail last night. [Backhand Shelf]

• First, Kevin Smith will direct "Hit Somebody" as a hockey mini-series. Then … onto "Clerks III"! [Geeks of Doom]

• Finally, here's Greg Jamison, the sorta-maybe-nearly owner of the Phoenix Coyotes: "There's a good foundation now of NHL and hockey fans, and we just need to add to that."

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