Referee KO’d after LNAH player inexplicably takes out his legs (Video)

Puck Daddy

Like Danny Glover in every “Lethal Weapon” movie, Jim Chandik was just days away from retirement when something violent and scary happened.

Chandik is a 20-year veteran referee, and currently the head of officiating in the LNAH, a.k.a. the Quebec-based “goon league” known more for its fisticuffs than its skill. (Currently, there’s an average of 2.76 fights per game.)

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He was officiating a playoff game in Cornwall when Dominic Savoie of Éperviers Sorel-Tracy took a dive into the back of his legs. Chandik’s head bounced off the ice, and he laid on his back unconscious for a few moments until rolling over on his side when medical officials were treating him.

He sat up as the crowd cheered, and finally got to his skates about four minutes after hitting the ice.

Because referees are generally made of adamantium, Chandik returned and finished the game.

Jordie from Barstool (who hipped us to the video) wondered it this was intentional, and that’s where your mind might go too considering how inexplicable this situation was. But to give the benefit of the doubt: Chandik skated in front of Savoie’s path, and Savoie plays in the LNAH, so perhaps asking him to do anything but dive headfirst into the official’s ankles is asking too much.

Scary scene. Glad Chandik is OK. 


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