Is Patrik Elias in possession of LA Kings’ missing Stanley Cup puck?

While it doesn't rise to the level of mystery and outright conspiracy as the puck from the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup-winning OT goal in 2010, the whereabouts of the Los Angeles Kings' game puck from Game 6 were unknown after the final streamers were cleared from the ice.

According to Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider, "Jordan Nolan was the closest Kings player to the puck, but he appeared to peel off and join the celebration" rather than protect history.

A rookie mistake, no doubt … which is why "Dashiell " Hammond has sleuthed a more veteran suspect in the King of All Puck Mysteries: Patrik Elias of the New Jersey Devils.

Check out the final moments here, in particular the left side of the ice at around 2:05 in:

From Hammond:

I've made queries to the highest levels of Kings management, and nobody knows the whereabouts of the puck. After the handshake line, Elias curiously hands his stick to someone in the crowd, but he doesn't appear to toss the puck. So, where it is, Patrik? In theory, he could have handed it to someone in the handshake line. If he did, it's a marvelously kept secret.

It's hard to imagine Elias — one of the classiest players in the NHL — keeping the puck out of spite. Just spit-ballin' here, but considering that he skated over to Martin Brodeur after the game, perhaps a keepsake for the Devils' veteran goalie?

Unless of course he was going to bring it to the dressing room so Jersey players could take turns hurling it at Steve Bernier.

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