P.K. Subban as ‘Thriller’ Michael Jackson deserves all the Halloween candy (Photos)


Oh, if only Vincent Price were alive to do another “Thriller” rap now that P.K. Subban has unleashed his Halloween costume on an unsuspecting public:

“Darkness falls across the land/

A costume hangs on P.K. Subban/

It’s Michael Jackson, only not/

A zombified Les Habitant!”

Maybe there’s still time to get Bill Hader to do one as Vincent Price …

Yes, the Montreal Canadiens star defenseman has decided to render every other NHL Halloween costume inconsequential by going the full Rick Baker and creating a near-perfect Michael Jackson zombie from the classic “Thriller” music video. As opposed to a Zombie Michael Jackson, which would have been scarier although a little more macabre …


Or, you know, you can be like Sidney Crosby and wear a hat.

No word if Subban was able to coax the rest of the Canadiens into doing a group “Thriller” dance like they did in “13 Going On 30”, but we would have paid good money to see Andre Markov attempt it.

At the very least, P.K. owes us a moonwalk on skates next game.

Kudos to P.K. Subban on an outstanding Halloween costume. And thanks to Michel Therrien for allowing him to borrow his old jacket and pants. (Oh, c’mon, you know that’s true.)

s/t 25 Stanley