NHL Lockout Soundtrack: Taylor Swift vs. Bettman and Fehr; ‘The Hockey Song’ protests

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The 2012 NHL Lockout has forced hockey fans to vent their frustrations in a variety of ways — some more creative than others. The NHL Lockout Soundtrack is an occasional feature on Puck Daddy that collects the songs of our despair.

One of the first musical reactions to the NHL work stoppage was the Jason Mraz-inspired "The Lockout Song," and its whimsical video and cynical anti-merchandise stance turned it into a viral hit.

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But isn't Jason Mraz a little too upbeat and quixotic for the soul-crushing experience that is the NHL Lockout? Don't we need musical inspiration that's more relevant to the situation, such as something derived from the bitter shattered heart of gullible love?

In other words: Don't we need a Taylor Swift song parody for this breakup, ya'll?

Whether you think we do or not … here it is, via QX 104 in Winnipeg and singer Vicki Shae:

This is based on Miss Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," aka Rick Nash's ring-back tone for Scott Howson during the summer.

Coming up, fun with Stompin' Tom Connors, an extraterrestrial effort from a Philadelphia Flyers fan and the "Punch Out" inspired song we hope you've already heard (but if not, stay tuned).

Meanwhile, in LMFAO land ...

That's The Royal Half and Indiana Matt doing it again. Girl, look at those profits!

While it's not exactly sexy and probably knows it, "The Hockey Song" by Stompin' Tom Connors is the puck anthem heard in barns around North America (along with being the single-most hated tune in musical history for our podcasting partner Jeff Marek).

Naturally, fans were going to find a way to turn the "it's hockey night tonight!" standard into a lockout protest song, beginning with YouHaveTwoWeeks.com supporter C. Edward Brunanski.

Now here's Puck Daddy reader Sean Hallaren with his lockout-centric take on "The Hockey Song":

The lyrics:

Hello out there, we're off the air, no hockey night tonight
Tension grows, there's labor woes, eight years we've seen this twice
The league it sucks, and the players suck, and the fans all go insane
Someone roars "quick, before we lose a whole season again!"

Oh, the good old hockey game locked the players out again
And the fans they live in pain with no good old hockey game

The players fight and Bettman might remake 2005
If they can't agree I must decree I don't think I will survive
Revenue and dollars and quite frankly I don't care
Someone drop the puck before I pull out all my hair

Oh, the good old hockey game locked the players out again
And the fans they live in pain with no good old hockey game

Oh take me to the box office where I'll return my seats
I'm tired of all the fighting between the rich and the elites
Can't we all just get along, can someone please give up?
I don't think I can go a year without seeing the Stanley Cup

Oh, the good old hockey game locked the players out again
And the fans they live in pain with no good old hockey game

Our next entry is ... uh ... pretty unique. Unless you consider music videos about hockey-obsessed aliens invading a suburban house and lamenting the potential loss of the Flyers' season to be commonplace.

Forsberg shirsy sighting!

The song is "This Will Be Our Year" by the Zombies. It's the same old story: Greedy billionaires fighting greedy millionaires, and it's always the Greys who end up losing.

Finally …

We hope you caught our boys Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown with their latest effort for The Score, but just in case you missed it: "Mike Tyson's Punch Out," LL Cool J and Gary Bettman. It's got chuckles.

If you have a lockout song, or know of one we should check out, hit us as puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

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