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• Via reader Arnold Klassen: "I know it's not a jersey foul, but I'm not sure what to call it - a guy that I work with builds guitars as a hobby." We'd call it awesome.

• Might the NHL be the next one to make an offer, rather than the NHLPA? [Philly.com]

• The NHLPA misses its first paychecks today, according to Ken Campbell: "The $297,297 Kovalchuk missed today is money he will never, ever get back. And the more cheques he misses, the better the deal is going to have to be for the players to justify him sitting out. And unlike the owners, the players can direct their leadership to get a deal done regardless of how disadvantageous it is to them." [THN]

• Eddie Olczyk, Mike Modano and Lou Lamoriello go into the USA Hockey Hall of Fame tonight. Eddie O. on what it means to be an American hockey player right now: "We have the ability to be the best at this game, and the more numbers that we have and the opportunities, we're going to prove that. We don't have to play second fiddle to anybody anymore." [Sun Times]

• Great stuff by Heika on Modano: "There was no question that the Hall induction ceremony should have been in Dallas, where Modano turned a city — and really an entire area of the country — on to hockey. When he arrived in 1993, there were a couple of sheets of ice and a spare men's league here and there. Now, there are youth leagues, high school leagues, adult leagues and pro leagues." [Dallas News]

• Is Pat Brisson planning another barnstorming tour of NHL stars led by Sidney Crosby during the lockout? [Pensburgh]

• Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand on his lack of urgency to play in Europe during the lockout: "Guys like me and [Gregory Campbell] are built like Greek gods, so we don't really need to go anywhere else to play." Awesome. [CSNNE]

• The Onion has some fun with the NHL lockout and Gary Bettman, who is "quoted" as saying: "We get calls every single day from people who are begging us to keep this thing going. People just can't wait to see more regular season hockey games canceled." [The Onion]

• In case you missed it: Hockey ref/airport bomb joker Peter Friesema has been suspended indefinitely. [Duluth News Tribune]

• Kevin Smith on the NHL lockout: "You should never have a lockout. You fight if you must. You work without a contract. But stop play all together? I'm 42 years old and I've seen enough hockey to exist a year or two without. But what happens to your kids? My [Los Angeles] Kings just won the Stanley Cup but now there is no hockey. How do you explain that to a 9-year-old? I get it. It's a money game. People got to get paid. It's the beautiful simplicity based on people saying, 'I need my cut, my percentage.' I get it. People want to make money. But they need to think about the audience. Without the audience, you ain't got no money." [ESPN … and "his" Los Angeles Kings?! Sorry Edmonton and New Jersey]

• Scott Burnside on the collection of hockey stars trying to take the Allen Americans to the next level. [ESPN]

• What the NHL lockout means for Canadians: Many more babies conceived, if and when they put down their video game controllers. [Business Insider]

• The AHL has gotten an early attendance boost from the NHL lockout: "The average attendance of the first 27 games over the weekend was 6,238. This was a 600 per game increase over the average crowd of 5,638 for AHL regular-season games last year." [CBC]

• Here's Justin Glock on "The Last Gladiators", a hockey fighting documentary: "After viewing The Last Gladiators and seeing the negative effect fighting has on enforcers, and the fact that fighting is the sole job of a select few players, NHL teams should stop employing those players who do not have typical NHL hockey skills and are paid strictly to fight. Let fighting take place when a player, who possesses typical NHL hockey skills, loses their cool with an opponent. Enforcers know that for each game they play, everyone is expecting them to fight, and at the very least, fight their opponent's enforcer. This type of fighting should be consider rehearsed. Fighting needs to happen and not be planned. For this reason, the NHL needs to address fighting in their league and keep teams from signing players who are only on a team to fight, and would not otherwise play if not for being an enforcer. Issues such as employing an enforcer strictly for fighting should be brought to the forefront of the NHL agenda after what The Last Gladiators teaches us all." [The Hockey Writers]

• "Nebraska-Omaha officials have proposed to build a 7,500-seat arena at the south end of UNO's campus that would be the Mavericks' new home for hockey, basketball and volleyball, according to a report in the Omaha World-Herald." [USCHO]

• In which Sidney Crosby anoints Connor McDavid a star. [Buzzing The Net]

• Finally, here is office chair hockey at its finest. We see no reason why this can't be added to the All-Star Skills Competition. Hell, make it players vs. owners.

IIDEX 2012 Chair Hockey Highlights from hitplay on Vimeo.

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