Mysterious glowing Stanley Cup on Hollywood sign probably swamp gas and/or weather balloon (VIDEO)

With the Los Angeles Kings' participation in the Stanley Cup Final, chances were good that we'd see some Hollywood-level hockey spectacles. As cool as the "Sandley Cup" was outside of LA Live, we were expecting something on a Michael Bay scale.

Like a giant, glowing Stanley Cup on the Hollywood sign, for example. You know, like this:

"Paging Mulder and Scully ... Mulder and Scully please report to Director Skinner's office …"

Where did this come from, other than a possible manifestation of every dream Wil Wheaton's ever had?

There were multiple sightings of the Cup on the Hollywood sign:

And this:

Each YouTube Uploader has two or fewer videos on their feed, including this Cup video. Which could mean their lives have all been completely empty until they witnessed this incredible object in the LA sky — hey, Roy Neary can relate.

Or this is part of some coordinated viral effort and/or publicity stunt by the Kings and/or the NHL. Based on the amount of lens flare, we assume J.J. Abrams is behind it.

(It could also be a response to the Devils' own viral attempt, in which their mascot stole the 'D' from the Hollywood sign and fans signed it outside of Game 1 at the Rock.), which had a thread on the videos, speculated we might be seeing the Tupac Hologram technology at work here. (Although it appears to cast a shadow on the second clip.)

If anyone has any insight into this, hit us at Meanwhile, we'll just stick with our initial theories: Weather balloon, swamp gas and/or Jerry Bruckheimer's new Jacuzzi.

UPDATE:From Brandyn LaFon, a PD reader and LA Kings fan who shot this video:

I went down to LA for the day to deal with some school related things (placement tests) and saw a friend down there, also saw my grandmother on the dad's side of the family (she makes bomb cookies). My friend and I were rolling on Sunset en route to a gas station when we saw this bright reflection next to the Hollywood sign. You could see it for miles, that's how bright it was. We felt that it was a possible action scene for a movie or TV show and were curious.

We pulled into the gas station and crossed the street and walked north to get a better angle. I took my friends video camera and zoomed in to see if I could focus in on it and I saw what appeared to be Lord Stanley's Cup. Nesting in the hills. From far away it looked like a flat cut out rather than a large object, but it was hard to tell because it was so bright. I shot a short clip of it and uploaded it soon after. I I don't have much info but the Jay Flats (the Kings in arena host) and the Ice Crew posted photos of themselves at the Hollywood sign a few hours after I spotted it.

Arena host, ice girls and a huge Cup at the Hollywood sign ... hmmmm.

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