Milan Lucic in altercation at Vancouver bar, asks ‘do you know who you’re [expletive] with?’ (Video)

Greg Wyshynski

Milan Lucic and the Boston Bruins returned to Vancouver on Saturday night for the first time since they won the Stanley Cup in Game 7 back in 2011. The East Vancouver native and his team lost, 6-2.

On Sunday, a video was posted to YouTube showing Lucic at one of the watering holes on Granville Street. Although there was no verification this was after the Bruins game with the Canucks, the timing would make it appear that way.

Seeing as he’s Milan Lucic, and seeing as alcohol and late hours are a recipe for fantastic judgment, someone allegedly threw a few punches at the Bruin. At least that’s what Lucic claims in the following video, which captures his reaction and plea to the cops with the delightful aplomb of a TMZ clip.


That’s Lucic bellowing "do you know who you're [expletive] with?" to his alleged assailant, before telling police that he was struck three times. One imagines the do you know who you're [expletive] with?" is less pulling the fame card and more Lucic reminding his new friend that he can remove his cranium with an upper cut, Mortal Kombat style.

(FWIW, how long before a MILAN LUCIC IS BEYOND GOOD RIGHT NOW T-shirt hits the web?)

Sergeant Randy Fincham with the Vancouver Police told Global News he wasn’t aware of this incident.

Lucic hasn’t exactly been a favorite son in Vancouver since winning the Cup against the Canucks. Please recall in 2012 when Lucic’s Serbian Orthodox Church was vandalized with, among other things, “GO CANUCKS GO.”

s/t 25 Stanley