Learn how to pronounce Guillaume Latendresse terribly

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There are some tough names in the NHL. Evgeny Artyukhin. Rostislav Olesz. Petteri Nokelainen. If certain CBC personalities can't seem to get Kevin Bieksa right, how is anyone supposed to tackle the true tongue-twisters?

Thankfully, a Youtube channel has emerged which helpfully instructs as to the correct pronunciation of many of the NHL's toughest names, from Dustin Byfuglien to David Desharnais. Guillaume Latendresse got your tongue? Runforthecube's got you covered:

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Oh. Did I mention these videos are terrible? I probably should have, because, yeah, they're terrible.

For instance, do not heed this man's advice when it comes to pronouncing Milan Lucic:

Loo-kiiiiiick! Seriously, what the Hell?

And in case you were wondering, no, it isn't a channel dedicated to mispronouncing names; the guy doesn't always get them wrong. Mind you, even when he comes correct, he still pronounces them like a Wookiee with a chest cold:

At first, I thought this was all just a big joke, but if it is, I'm left wondering why the channel has hundreds of videos, and why the guy uploads 10 to 20 a day. He's working really hard on this. To what end? I must know.

In closing, I leave you with his expert pronunciation of Zbynek Michalek:

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