John Scott wears T-shirt featuring John Scott scoring goal (Photo)

There are players you love, and players you hate. There are players you love to hate, and players you hate to love.

Think about where John Scott of the San Jose Sharks falls on that scale for you. Now, gaze upon this image of John Scott wearing a shirt featuring John Scott scoring his only goal of the season – and third of his career – and reevaluate.

Look at that goofball, captured by teammate Mirco Mueller on Instagram. The image on the shirt, one of a dozen created by Carroway Clothing featuring the Sharks, depicts that moment in Oct. 2014 when Scott blew past Brooks Orpik and scored, admittedly, a pretty nice goal.

Some players get their visage on a postage stamp; John Scott gets a future dust rag.

OK, it’s not Patrick Kane wearing a T-shirt with a drunk Patrick Kane on a Madison bar cawl, but it’s still pretty terrific.

s/t Ann Frazier