Jack Eichel drinks from Beanpot Trophy, is apparently in college

Via The Sports Junkies
Via The Sports Junkies

Jack Eichel, 18, is expected to be the second overall pick in this summer’s NHL Draft because he’s not Canadian right behind the much-heralded Connor McDavid.

But now, that status is threatened. Because the Boston University star has … we don’t even know how to say this … potentially imbibed an alcoholic beverage from that Holy Grail of Bostonian hockey lore, the Beanpot. In the process, he becomes both the first player to ever drink from the trophy, and the first college freshman to have potentially had an adult beverage before their legal drinking age(!).

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The Sports Junkies had two videos of Eichel. The first features him telling a cameraperson to “check back in 12 hours and see where I am. The second features Eichel congratulating the cameraperson for checking back with him before drinking something out of the Beanpot which we assume was apple juice.


Barstool Sports had a link to the video, as well as some words of warning for the young hockey prodigy:

What Jack Eichel doesn’t know is Barstool has been silently protecting his ass for months now. Great hockey player, shitty social media guy. I hope one of his buddies reads this and tells him to stop drinking on snapchat, stop snapchatting with chicks you’re trying to [have relations with] at Agannis late night. I mean you can do all of that stuff just don’t let people use cameras.  Don’t say you’re coming for Buffalo’s ass and and then chug a Bud Light. Not yet at least. You’re 18 years old. Like you understand people can see this shit right?  You’d be surprised how many people want to see your name in lights for the wrong reasons.

Yeah it would be terrible if someone reported all that.

UPDATE: The Sports Junkies released a third Eichel video in which he says "BUFFALO ... I'M COMIN' FOR YOU! and downs a Bud Light.