J.T. Miller gets tossed for fighting with tape on his hand (Video)

New York Rangers forward J.T. Miller was ejected for his fight with New Jersey Devils forward Sergey Kalinin near the end of the second period in their Tuesday game. 

Miller was wearing tape on his right hand, which is not allowed according to the NHL’s rulebook. Above is a video of the fight where Kalinin was cut on the nose. It was Miller's third fight of his NHL career. 

Here is the explanation for rule 46.15, which explains why Miller was tossed.

Any player wearing tape or any other material on his hands (below the wrist) who cuts or injures an opponent during an altercation will receive a match penalty in addition to any other penalties imposed including for fighting under this rule. A match penalty shall be assessed to a player who punches an unsuspecting opponent and causes an injury.

This conjures up memories of “old time hockey”  and the Hanson Brothers from the famous hockey film “Slap Shot” starring Paul Newman.

Kalinin scored one goal and added an assist to pick up the ‘Gordie Howe Hat Trick’ in a 5-2 win over the Rangers.

When asked if he knew what a ‘Gordie Howe Hat Trick’ was, Kalinin said, "I'm from Siberia but we have the Internet."


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