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From Islanders fantasy camp to Bruins Beat, the hockey legacy of ’30 Rock’ (VIDEO)

What Hollywood hasn't yet realized is that references to hockey are essential to the success of a major motion picture or television comedy. "Cheers" would not be a comedy classic without Eddie LeBec. "Christmas Vacation" would not be a holiday classic without Clark's "Griswold" Chicago Blackhawks jersey. Three words: "Seinfeld" and "face" and "painter."

The writers of "30 Rock" on NBC, however, have always understood that puck talk and liberal dosages of Alec Baldwin's comedic genius make the critics swoon. Thanks to New York magazine's Sports Section, here is a collection of some hockey-related moments from the show:

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Well done, although we do wish they would have found room for Paul Giamatti chirping Matt Moulson because of the Yale/Cornell rivalry. And, of course, the Ottawa Senators psych-up song:

Well done, Tina Fey and the "30 Rock" braintrust. It's no Angelina Jolie wearing a New Jersey Devils jersey in "Hackers," but really what is?

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