Hilarious: Mark Recchi listed as ‘Dr. Mark Recchi’ on graphic during Canucks game (VIDEO)

Mark Recchi should enter the Hockey Hall of Fame one day as one of the NHL's most prolific scorers and a three-time Stanley Cup champion. Not to mention his renowned medical credentials ...

Yes, the "Dr. Recchi" meme — established when he claimed the Montreal Canadiens embellished Max Pacioretty's injuries in order to leverage a suspension for Recchi's Boston Bruins teammate Zdeno Chara — has lived on well after his retirement last summer. The Province's Legion of Blog has even turned him into a reoccurring character.

On Monday night, "Dr. Recchi" popped up in an inexplicable place: During Sportsnet's coverage of the Vancouver Canucks' loss to the Minnesota Wild, as Henrik Sedin passed him on the all-time NHL Iron Man Streak list with 571 consecutive games played. As you can see, the graphic included Recchi's full medical title.

Here's the clip in question, with a little Boston Bruins-centric surprise at the end:

Kudos to the sinister techie who thought this one up. We have diagnosed you with a case of awesome. (UPDATE: Techie in question -- producer Greg Shannon, according to Dan Murphy. Thanks to Jon Cable.)

s/t Tyler Miller.