Hat Trick Swayzes: Our current favorite beer league name

In 1986, the late Patrick Swayze helped introduce U.S. hockey fans to the Hollywood-ized version of Canadian Junior Hockey in "Youngblood"; a film remembered mostly for this goalie mask and the fact that Swayze was 33 (!) when he made it, dropping lines like: "To the game and getting out of this hick town! Thank God there is a sport for middle-sized white boys."

The adult league at Piney Orchard rink in Odenton, Md. — former preseason home to the Washington Capitals — has its share of middle-sized white boys. And one of the teams in its B2 Division honors the legacy of the man who played Derek Sutton with its official moniker:

Hat Trick Swayzes.

The team, whose players range from 21-51, used to be known as Hook & Ladder, after the D.C.-area brewery, from 2006-2010. That was until a classic beer league problem hit: Too many new players, not enough Hook & Ladder jerseys. So the team brainstormed a new name and agreed on Hat Trick Swayzes.

"We found a cool logo online and asked the artist if we could use it," said captain Garett Tache'. "She said yes and added the 'shield' around the Swayze face."

OK, so why Patrick Swayze? Besides, you know, the fact that he completely owns in "Road House."

"It's all in good fun and we love yelling 'Swayze' after a goal," said Tache'.

Is any of the hockey mojo the name provides undercut by his having appeared in "Ghost" or "To Wong Foo ..."?

"Nope," said Tache', "we have plenty of romantics and a couple of cross-dressers on the team, so it works well."

Well that leaves us with only one last rhetorical question: If they win the championship trophy, will they drink deer blood out of it like Swayze in "Red Dawn," to help capture the spirit of the beast and turn them into men in order to fight the Commies? (Wolverines!)

With that, we ask you, dear readers: Have you ever heard of, or have you played on, a rec league team with an incredibly inventive name and kick-ass sweater? One that could rival Hat Trick Swayzes? Answers in the comments, or email images to puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com.

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